Mature Hookup Sites You Should Know About

Some younger people think that age kills libido. Just looking at the number of members on dating apps for over 50 proves that’s far away from the truth. 2022 only backed up the obvious fact – mature people need love, friendship, and casual fun. Even those who were saying they’ll never try online dating are now chatting online. Since we’re talking about hookup sites, we’ll focus on finding fun dating sites for over 50.

First, we have to clarify that hookup services have subcategories such as mature interracial dating sites or mature gay dating sites. That may seem irrelevant, but if you think about it that makes meeting like-minded people much simpler. Of course, sites that aren’t specialized can still be useful, but it’s easier to find matches on sites where everybody has similar interests. Still, you have to know what to do to get the most out of any mature site. It all starts with registration and creating a profile.

Don’t make a mistake, and start looking for partners immediately after you sign up. Invest your time in creating a unique profile. It will take a maximum of half an hour, and you can spend hours having fun. We’re talking about mature hookup sites, so we’ll explain to you how to make an account that will make your matches send you a message. It will also help you be more visible because the matchmaking algorithm will have more personal info about you.

You may think that uploading a spicy photo is the best choice for hookup sites, but that will make you look desperate on sites for matures. Upload a photo that shows your qualities but isn’t vulgar. That will show other members you appreciate yourself, but you also know how to tickle their imagination. After you choose a photo, write a description. Make it as personal as you can, do your best to stand out from the crowd. Read descriptions other people write and go with something completely different. If a site provides enough space, you can even write a little story you’ll use as a description. Describe your perfect date or yourself funnily. Do anything to be different because no one remembers a profile that looks like all the rest. When other mature singles notice your profile, they’ll remember it. You’re more likely to end up on their “Favorite” list (most mature sites have that feature), and you’ll get more messages if you’re unique. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be something you aren’t. It just means you have to relax and show your true colors. It’s online dating; it’s all about fun; nothing bad can happen. You can always change your description anyway. But one thing shouldn’t change, ever.

To get hookups on mature dating sites, you have to be active. Nice photos and a personal description are foundations, but activity brings results. Be bold; send a message to every person you like. Do that every day for 1 month, and you’ll meet so many people in 30 days that you’ll forget what boredom and loneliness mean.

  • 44% of members are over 45 years old
  • not good for seeking friends or love
  • amazing for hookups and casual dating
  • 3 times more men than women on the site
  • 1,600,000 members from the USA (important for meeting in person and hooking up)
  • you can’t contact other people before you become a premium member

  • specialized in helping ebony singles meet each other and their admirers
  • most members are black singles
  • community isn’t big, but it’s growing every day
  • more men than women (67% of men and 33% of women)
  • making contact with matches is simple thanks to special features such as Flirtcast

Adult Friend Finder

  • almost 65,000,000 members in the USA
  • very active community (2 million unique visitors every month)
  • men are dominant on the site (80% of the community are men)
  • most members are under 50, but mature singles are easy to find
  • open for couples too
  • most people want to find partners for hookups

Ashley Madison

  • specialized in discreet casual dating
  • people are using it to cheat on their partners
  • free premium membership for women
  • 17,000,000 members
  • you won’t find love there, only fun


  • more than 3 million logins every month in the USA
  • 11,000,000 members in the USA (almost 800,000 new members join every month)
  • unique because women are in charge, ladies choose who’ll they chat with
  • 35% of the community are mature singles (over 45)
  • registering with a Facebook account makes creating a profile extremely simple
  • more women than men (60% to 40%)

Plenty of Fish

  • the largest dating site in the world, 90,000,000 total members
  • 78,000,000 people from the USA have an account on POF
  • various special features help to make contact and to find perfect matches
  • 30% of the community are matures over 45
  • registration is simple but takes 5-10 minutes because of the personality test

Guide‌ to Using Hookup Sites

The key to meeting people on hookups sites and getting hookups is activity. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, contact everyone you like. When you send a message, the other person notices you and checks your profile. If you get an answer, there is a chance you won’t sleep alone that night.

Choose an attractive but not vulgar photo that will tickle people’s imagination looking for someone like you. It’s much better to let the imagination do the work for you. If you upload a photo where everything is visible, other members may think your profile is fake. On hookups sites, less is sometimes more.

Bottom Line

Hooking up with singles you meet online isn’t anything new. Still, some sites are more efficient than others, especially when it comes to connecting mature people. The list above has 6 of the best mature hookup sites in 2022 for singles in the USA. Use the advice from the beginning, and you’ll get what you’re looking for on any of them.


We know you can’t wait to join hookup sites from the upper list but read these FAQs first.

What to Consider Before Using Hookup Sites for Mature Singles?

Check if a site has an active community and any members in your area. If not, it’s pointless to join.

Which Hookup Sites are Best for Mature Singles? and are amazing because no one is looking for love there.

Is it Worth Paying for Hookup Sites for Mature People?

Yes, most sites are 1000 times better when you go premium.

Hookup dating for mature people is one of the most popular online dating niches. The number of members on the best sites we listed above back that up. Choose one or more sites and follow the advice from the top if you want to get quick results.