Dating Site for Mature Gay

Everyone can join dating apps for over 50 and hope to find friends, hookups, or love. However, there are ways to join and do more than hopping. Doing some things, and avoiding others, can boost your chances on online dating sites. The tips we’ll share are written especially for mature gay men but aren’t written for a specific kind of dating. In other words, they are universal and can be applied on all mature hookup sites and online dating in general.

First and foremost, you have to make it clear if you want to find friends, love, or lovers because not many sites are good for everything. Choosing a specialized site saves a lot of time. You can be sure you are among men who are looking for the same thing as you do. Joining mature interracial dating sites for love seeking makes no point if you want to meet someone to hook up with. You’d be a black sheep, you’d stand out, but not in a good way.

If you take inevitable rejections as something personal your self-esteem might suffer. All of that just because you didn’t join the right kind of a site. If you’re looking for friends and true love, you shouldn’t look for both on the same site. Make a profile on a site for serious dating and another profile on a different site you’ll use to make friends. After you decide which sites to join, you have to know major DOs and DONTs.

Verify your account immediately after the registration, which will show the matchmaking algorithm and other men that you aren’t some bot made to mess with people’s minds. Upload a profile photo that will show you’re a real person too. Don’t use filters or edit photos in any way. It has to look normal, not like you stole it from some model or celebrity. Also, don’t neglect the power of words. Your photo is a hook, it grabs attention, but your description tells everyone who you are and what you are looking for.

Be as personal in your description as possible. You’ll blend in if you write something like: “57 years old gay from New York looking for a serious relationship”. Blending in is not the goal; the goal (in that case) is to meet someone who’ll love you. To do that, you have to give them a reason to contact you. Do that by writing about personal interests, hobbies, and stuff that make you who you are. If you’re scared that it will repel some men, you don’t have to be.

It will stop some men who are physically attracted to you from sending a message, but that’s a good thing. You won’t waste time chatting with people who aren’t your perfect matches. The same strategy works on hookup sites and sites for friendship too. Letting other members know what your intentions are from the start saves time for everyone included.

One last tip before we show you the best mature gay dating sites and apps in 2022. Be active and don’t think ghosting is personal. If someone stops answering, forget them, new men are joining every day. Send a message to every man who seems perfect for you, which will help you meet more people quickly.

  • made strictly for gay guys
  • 300,000 members in the USA with many new coming in
  • 100,000 weekly active members
  • personality test is done while making an account helps to find matches
  • it’s possible to choose a “Tribe”
  • 35% of the community is over 35 (it’s possible to meet a bit younger people too)

  • men join to find partners for (very) casual dating
  • Safe Mode” lets you relax while looking for matches
  • no Android or IOS app, but most men use the mobile version of the site
  • matchmaking game in the “Like Gallery” is free
  • sending photos and videos in chat makes making conversations exciting


  • much better for casual dating than seeking love
  • more than 1,000,000 different men log in every month
  • the community is active 24/7; there is always someone you can contact
  • 31% of the community are mature men over 55, 50% is over 45
  • the site works on mobile phones, but most members use an app


  • specialized in casual local gay dating
  • some people are looking for, and finding, serious relationships
  • growing community means there are new potential matches every day
  • not strictly for men, but 17% of the community are men over 45


  • not just a dating site, more of a social media for gays
  • easy to make friends and stay in touch with gay men around the US
  • 1,000,000 daily logins out of 3,500,000 members makes it one of the most active gay sites
  • registration is extremely quick and can be done with a Facebook profile or Google account


  • matches are found with the help of astronomy
  • good for finding friends, love, and lovers
  • useful even if you aren’t looking to meet anyone because of the many astrology features
  • available only as an app but doesn’t take a lot of space or data
  • not for gay men only

Are Gay Dating Sites Different From Typical Sites?

Gay dating sites aren’t any different from typical dating sites; the only difference is the sexual orientation of people on them. Gay dating sites have the same modern, special features as sites for straights. Safety is not an issue because legit sites for gays are 100% safe too. Differences are so minor that most typical sites welcome LGBT members to their community. However, it’s easier for gays to find partners and friends on specialized sites where all the members are gay. When it comes to premium subscription, mature gay dating sites are also somewhere in the range of typical sites for straights.

Bottom Line

Mature gay men can easily find whatever thay seek on online dating sites in 2022 as long as they choose active sites. Communities on the above sites and apps are growing as you read this. That means your chances of finding friends, fun, and love are the best there.


Read these FAQs before creating an account on a gay mature dating site that seems the best to you.

What to Consider Before Using Dating Sites for Mature Gays?

If the community is active, how many members live in your area, are special features good.

Which Dating Sites are Best for Mature Gays?

Buddygays, and Hornet for love and friendship, and Adam4Adam for hookups.

Is it Worth Paying for Dating Sites for Mature Gays?

Yes, because that raises your chances to meet perfect matches.

Tips from the top of the site will help you navigate the world of gay online dating in 2022. Now you know the proven strategy to get attention on a dating site and make contact with like-minded people. You’ve also learned which sites offer the most to mature gays. All you have to do now is use that knowledge.