Best Cougar Dating Sites You Should Know About

Nothing compares to an attractive mature woman in a date-seeking mode. Maybe only a community with thousands of women like that and enough men to keep them all happy. That’s why you’ll discover the 6 best dating sites for over 50. Joining any of them will help you get a casual relationship. But before we let you wander the wilderness full of cougars, we’ll give some dating advice.

Not all senior dating sites are good for casual dating and meeting cougars. Keep in mind that some seniors want to find love, so some sites specialize in serious dating. Someone looking for casual dating would be different and alone on a site like that. That’s why you have to be among people who share your desires if you want to fulfil them. It takes 2 for tango, but you need to find someone who wants to dance the tango, not polka. Joining the right site is a good beginning, but that’s not enough to impress cougars. Creating a profile with enough personal info to grab attention is the next step. Be personal, show what makes you unique on your profile, but don’t go too far. You’re looking for casual relationships, so it’s better to focus on interests and info that can help you get them. Cougars are active when they’re looking for partners. They don’t mind browsing profiles of other people until they find someone good enough to send a message. Most of them, the same as men, send messages to many people from the site. That’s an amazing strategy because it takes less time to catch a fish when you have 10 hooks in the sea. You may even get lucky and catch more than one at a time. It happens more often than you think on cougar dating websites. When you and the singles you contact want the same thing, the chances you’ll get it are much higher. We’re moving to the next piece of advice. You don’t have to worry you’ll forget what you learn. Before we reveal the list of the best partially free cougar dating sites, we’ll go through the tips together.

Previous tips will help you make contact with other members on cougar dating sites; now we’ll tell you how to maintain that contact long enough to meet in person. First of all, you have to remember that you’re on a site for casual dating. Nobody expects you to chat with them for months before asking to meet in person. Be direct and don’t hide your intentions; that will make you more attractive because mature women love courageous men. Of course, don’t ask to meet in your first message because you’ll look like a fake account. It’s much better to chat for a couple of days before trying to arrange a date. One more thing you have to avoid is chasing other people. If someone doesn’t answer your messages, let them be, don’t send any follow-up messages. It will make you look desperate, you’ll feel bad without reason, and you’ll waste time. It’s better to spend your time and energy meeting as many partners for casual dating as you need than feeling sorry for yourself.

You’re almost ready to join some of the best cougar dating sites, but let’s recap the tips about online dating first:

  • join a site with people who want the same as you do
  • create an account that will make you stand out
  • don’t chat with only one person at the time
  • don’t wait for too much to meet in person, or the other side will lose interest
  • don’t chase; send only one message and wait for an answer (if it doesn’t come, move on, there are thousands of singles on every site)

Do you feel ready? You should because you know how to get the most from cougar dating sites. Now you’ll get the final piece of the puzzle – the list of the best sites for people your age.

  • you can create a profile for free
  • great quality of profiles
  • the site is simple and user friendly
  • an app for Android and IOS devices is free too
  • it’s popular among people of all sexual orientation
  • most users are in their twenties and thirties, but there are also users over 50
  • premium members can enjoy unlimited chat with other members

  • site suitable for casual dating and flirting
  • there are more man than a woman (77% man, 23% woman)
  • you can create an account quickly 
  • a profile picture is mandatory
  • you’ll get notified when someone browses through your profile
  • unlimited chats are available for premium users

  • dating sites suitable for naughty singles
  • 300,00 active users weekly
  • to register, you need to fill out a personality test 
  • email verification is mandatory to prevent bots from joining
  • gays and lesbians can join the site
  • you can send a message for free, but unlimited chat is a premium feature 
  • there is no mobile application yet
  • you can try premium membership for 3 days for a symbolic price

  • easy and simple registration
  • you can use this site if you are a MILF looking for a younger guy or vice versa 
  • friendly and non-offensive community
  • very active and responsive users ensure you have someone to talk to 
  • private messaging and emailing is available for premium users
  • admins run daily security check-ups, so the site is safe even without the “Safe Mode


  • great site if you are looking for hookups or casual dating
  • premium membership is free for women
  • this site has great security features to protect your identity
  • millions of active users from all over the world 
  • 24/7 active community
  • majority of people are middle-aged 
  • a go-to page for women who got out from a long relationship


  • ideal site for hookups and casual dating
  • over 80 million users worldwide
  • there are gays and bisexuals on the site
  • quick and easy registration that requires only basic information
  • email verification is a must
  • there are lots of communication channels – members can create groups and blogs
  • watching videos on profiles is free
  • there is an app, and you can watch live streams there

Advice for Cougar Sites

One last piece of advice for success on cougar sites will reveal what you’ve been doing wrong the whole time. Maybe even your whole dating life. What do beautiful women hear all the time? They hear how beautiful they are; everyone keeps telling them that. Although getting compliments makes anyone feel good, cougars don’t usually date men who are too amazed by them. Cougars and mature women, in general, seek men who are on their level. Not someone who’ll be like everyone else, complimenting them all the time. Cougars see that as a weakness and for the activities they want, weakness is not an option.

Bottom Line

Dating sites for mature singles specialized in casual dating are more popular with every passing second. New people join all the time. New features are being introduced. New memories are made every night. Cougars know how and where to get what they want, but now so do you, so don’t be afraid to use that knowledge. 


What to Consider Before Using Dating Sites For Cougars?

Consider if a site has an active community and if it follows all the safety standards.

Which Dating Sites Are Best For Cougars? and are less famous than AshleyMadison but as good. 

Is It Worth Paying For Dating Sites For Cougars?

Yes, that unlocks unlimited chat, which leads to meeting people in person.

Cougar dating sites are among the most popular online dating niches in 2022. It’s never too late to jump on that train and start having fun.