Best Dating Sites for Women

Refusing to give online dating a chance in 2022 is crazy. Why would anyone do that when there is so much to gain? Maybe those people aren’t aware of how safe and efficient online dating is nowadays. Some people still think that the best dating sites for over 50, senior dating sites, or the whole online dating industry are led by identity-stealing hackers. That story would make a decent low-budget movie, but it makes no sense in the real world. All the sites from the list below are well-established and don’t have problems with safety. So now, when you know that meeting people online is the safest way to get dates, it’s time to learn some tricks that will turn you into a men-magnet.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, don’t be one of those women who start daydreaming about marriage after 2 dates. Men hate that, it scares them away. Even if you don’t say anything, men can sense you’re naming your future kids in your mind. Rushing to make your relationship more serious than it is will destroy it. It’s like growing a tree without strong roots. It can grow, but sooner than later, it will fall and crush everything on its way. Let things develop at a natural pace. Go on dates, have fun, spend time together. The rest will come naturally. Let the love develop, don’t force it or you’ll break it.

Things are a bit different if you’re looking for a casual relationship or hookups. Taking things slow isn’t a good strategy in that case because you have to capitalize on the attention you get. It’s widely known that singles on hookup sites chat with dozens of people at a time. Everybody does that because it cuts the time needed to get a date. You should do it too, even on sites for serious dating. Before you become a couple with someone, nobody can stop you from meeting more people. But let’s get back to seducing men on sites for casual dating. You’re a woman, so we won’t waste time telling you how to seduce a man. Once they send you a message, you’ll know what to do. We’ll reveal a secret you can use on any dating site to make more men contact you.

Choose a profile photo that shows your body type, but doesn’t show (a lot of) skin. Men love when they can see how women look before sending a message. Uploading a photo where you’re hidden behind your hair and the only visible thing is your hand is good for Instagram, but terrible for online dating. You’ll be neglected if you choose a photo like that, but choosing an overly attractive photo won’t help either. Don’t show too much of anything on your profile photo, let the imagination make men contact you. The purpose of all the photos on your account is to create interest, so men want to send a message, but it shouldn’t reveal too much because you may be mistaken for a fake profile.

  • ideal for people looking for casual dating and hookups
  • several chat options
  • email verification is necessary after creating a profile
  • registration is simple and straightforward
  • unlimited chatting available for premium members
  • active administration keeps scammers off the site
  • 120,000 active members weekly
  • premium members can send photos and videos in chat

  • great for casual dating and hookups
  • the gender ratio is 25% women and 75% men which is amazing for women
  • most users are young adults
  • must have a valid email because of email verification
  • you can upload videos and pictures to your account
  • there is no mobile app
  • the growing number of active members


  • site for singles looking for true love and marriage
  • one of the oldest dating sites
  • over 20 million users around the world, most of them are from the USA
  • large user base ensures high site activity
  • 45% woman and 55% man gives women better chances
  • you must upload a profile picture to finish creating an account
  • you can send likes for free


  • the large and active user base
  • you need to fill out a personality form, you’ll get your matches based on that
  • over 50 million users, 10 million are from the USA
  • 35% of women and 65% of men are trying their luck on OkCupid
  • you can import your pictures from your Facebook account or Instagram profile
  • very detailed profiles
  • simple design ensures ease of use


  • the go-to place for singles looking for a serious relationship
  • one of the best dating sites for women over 50 focused on serious dating
  • 16 million active users on a weekly base
  • the majority comes from the USA (29 million users)
  • gender proportion is great – 47% woman and 53% man seeking love
  • you can sign up using a Facebook account
  • registration and setting up the profile takes less than 10 minutes


  • mobile dating platform where women are in charge 
  • you can sign up using a Facebook account or your phone number
  • majority of members are in their early 20s and late 30s
  • one of the best dating sites for women over 40
  • the app is user friendly
  • no need to file out information – it’s all imported from your Facebook profile
  • sending messages is free for everyone
  • all profile information and pictures are public

How The Pandemic Has Changed Dating For The Better?

Dating became better during the pandemic because online dating sites gained millions of new members. That means it’s easier to meet people online nowadays than it is in person. With so many new members joining every day, sites had to become safer and introduce new features. Even the prices dropped a little bit thanks to the pandemic. People who were sure they wouldn’t try online dating are now chatting with 10 singles at the time. Many lonely people met friends online or started dating during the pandemic. COVID is one of the worst things that happened to the world, but dating became much better thanks to it.

Bottom Line

Not many dating sites are made specifically for women, but all the sites our experts picked are great for single women. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it can be found on (at least) one of the sites if you follow the tips from the beginning.


What to Consider Before Using Dating Sites For Women?

Check if the site is good for the kind of dating you seek and make sure it’s 100% safe.

Which Dating Sites Are Best For Women?

Women seeking love are crazy about Match, those seeking hookups love HookupDaters and UpForIt.

Is It Worth Paying For Dating Sites For Women?

Getting a premium account is the best thing you can do on a legit dating site.

Some dating sites are good for women because they have more male than female members, Some offer special features that make meeting people simple. Some are good because they are easy to use. The sites from the list above have all those advantages and many more.