Milftastic in-depth review

This is one of the assuring cougar dating sites you will find on an online platform. This is an adult site to meet with experienced sex partners to satisfy their urges. It is meant for hookups and sexual encounters. Though few members seek long-term relationships but rare. The site is open to all gender, ages, and sexual orientations.


Milftastic is a site that has been well and fully developed to meet the users’ needs and wants. You can easily surf through the site even if you are new to using a dating site or an online milf platform. Right from the first page of the site, no technicality is involved. It is very easy and smooth to use.

Sign Up Process


Signing up on milftastic is quick, easy, and does not take time to set up an account. To begin with, you need to specify your gender and your intention, either you are milf or a man; your location is also required. You will also need to input a username and a unique password to create an account. Using your username and password, you will log in to update your profile and start meeting other members.

Milftastic Membership

Members of milftastic are from different parts of the world. Although, the number of US members outnumber those from other places. Members here are mainly cougars who want to hook up with younger cubs. Although, on this site, there is no restriction on those who can join except for minors. The proportion of males that is on milftastic outnumbered females.



Filling out a profile on milftastic is not time-consuming, and with a few questions answered, you can get on with chatting. Profile filling does not require any technicality; all users of all ages are put into consideration. Much information is not required to be submitted because the site is not strictly targeted towards long-term relationships but casual sexual encounters.


Matching and Searching

To start matching with other members, either as a milf looking for younger cubs or men searching for milf for an experienced sexual adventure, you need to check through profiles of other users to check for preference matches. It has a quick search feature that can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass, which will help you filter your search.

Pros / Cons
  • Account creation is free and fast
  • It has an attractive signup page
  • The matchmaking algorithms is a top-notch
  • It has a friendly community for members to chat
  • It has an enhanced security
  • Milftastic does not give room for a useless chat since is for casual encounter and hookups
  • Unlimited private messaging
  • Outside of the US, the site takes time to load
  • Annoying ads pop up
  • The search filter is too simple
  • No mobile app

Milftastic App Review

Milftastic does not have a mobile app at present which users can make use of. However, the web version is well optimized and developed with much simplicity and smooth access like a mobile app. The web version is clean with an appealing interface. Using the web of milftastic, it is swift in connecting with other members on the platform. It is user-friendly and free to access without the need to download. It is convenient to be used on the go. Most users of the site find it easy to use due to the nice interface it has been developed with.

Milftastic App vs. Website

As stated, there is no mobile app for milftastic either on android or ios as of now. However, the web version works with all simplicity and accurateness to make personals on the platform to have a nice and remarkable match with like-minded people. All features work perfectly well with no surfing glitches.

App Ease of Use

Though milftastic does not have a mobile app, that does not limit the ease of use attached to the site’s web mode. The web version can be accessed both on mobile and desktop; it is very easy and smooth in use. Users have no difficulties with the features and communication tools on the website. The loading time of the pages is fast and has no delay even if it is accessed with a weak internet connection.


On milftastic, there are different pricing plans to choose from in line with individual’s budgets. And this will make users enjoy more out of milftastic. The pricing plan has a free trial in which you won’t need to make payment for a day and enjoy all the premium features. Its one-month plan goes for $29.95, and the plan for six months total $99.

Free vs. Paid Access

Free Access

Paid Access

Registration/ profile update

Unlimited private messaging

Basic search feature

Blocklist and favorite list

Sending an invitation to hookup

Advanced search feature

Members’ rating

View all members photos and videos

Sending of friend request

Photos and video uploads

Milftastic Safety

Staying safe on online dating platforms is very crucial. Among users’ considerations, safety features as the top. For milftastic, it is a safe platform to be on. As part of the safety measure, the admins of this dating site run regular security checks to weed out fake accounts and impersonators. It has zero tolerance for a user requesting money; an attempt at this leads to a ban. For more safety, members on milftastic need to be sensitive and vigilant to the person they are chatting with.

What People Say about Milftastic?

Several comments trail the use of milftastic some users believe that the site does not meet up to demand and deception. In other instances, some members were able to meet with different close partners by whom they had sexual fantasies together.

Final Verdict

With all said, making use of milftastic can be the best decision to go by for milfs’ who are searching for a sexual partner or men who want to have casual affairs with milfs. The type of people that will be met here is those who know what they want. The tendency of meeting a partner for quick hookups is impressive.


Does Milftastic do profile validation and background checks?

On milftastic, there is no profile validation as there is no email verification or other means of validating users while signing up. The admins do some background checks on the dating site by running regular security checks on profiles and activities of users to fish out fraudulent profiles.

How do I chat on Milftastic?

To start chatting on Milftastic, click on the profile of whom you want to have a chat with, click on the message button to write your message, chat and exchange emails with other members on the platform.

Does Milftastic offer refunds for cancellation?

The subscription that has been paid for cannot be refunded on Milftastic. As it has been stated in their terms and conditions, they do not give a cash refund. But if certain criteria are met, you can be given credits in the form of a refund to resolve the issue.


  • FREE to download
  • Basic search feature is FREE

Try it! Try it!

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