Christian Mingle in-depth review

Christian Mingle is one of the most popular senior dating sites meant for Christian singles to find a partner with the same faith and belief. Young singles who are in search of a devoted Christian partner can also find a match. On this dating site, their singles are those who are ready for a long-term relationship. Visit the website.


Christian Mingle dating site has been designed so that it becomes very easy for users of any age, young and old, to navigate through. Right from the first page of the site to signup, there is no technicality required. All features available are basic to use as they put into consideration users that are not tech-savvy.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for an account on Christian Mingle is very easy and fast. To get started, you must be up to 18 and have an email address or a Facebook account. With any of this two, you will fill a detailed form about yourself and upload six pictures.

christian mingle Sign Up Process

Christian Mingle Membership

This dating site has a large range of members on the site. The approximate users on Christian Mingle from all over the amount to 9 million with a monthly visit of 900,000 members. Most of the singles you will meet on this dating site are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The gender proportion of male users to female are at an equilibrium of 50:50.

Christian Mingle Membership


After your registration, the next step to meet with suitable partners is to fill out your profile. This will make you easily noticed and taken as serious, having a well-detailed profile. While filling out the profile, the process is easy, and most of the questions asked are less technical, very basic to the core.

Profiles christian mingle

Matching and Searching

With an accurate bio on your account, finding a match is the next in line. For easy matching, Christian Mingle gives a daily suggestion to all users in line with the criteria of the partner they want. There is also a search filter feature that allows users to browse through several profiles for free. 

Pros / Cons
  • Well suited for those searching for a devoted Christian partner
  • You can search for partners at wide-range in line with your preferences
  • It has a large number of singles
  • You can easily notice a new user from old ones
  • Single women are responsive to messages
  • You must upgrade to paid members to reply to messages
  • It has an auto-renewal system if the subscription is not canceled

Christian Mingle App Review

For easy and quick access of users, Christian Mingle has an app that can be used on the go. It is available on Google Play and the App Store. The mobile app for Christian Mingle can be downloaded for free on any of the device stores. The app is a replica of the mobile version, and the layout is user-friendly and can navigate easily. Although, many users are having issues using the app when it comes to the search feature. The search scrolling does stop abruptly and cut off a large portion of the search result. The rating of both versions falls on 3.0/5.0.

Christian Mingle App vs. Website

The mobile app of Christian Mingle has no much different from the website. The function and layout are the same. The difference between the mobile version and the website version of Christian Mingle is in the design. The app is designed for users to be able to swipe in a friendly and easy way.

App Ease of Use

The mobile app Christian Mingle is very easy to use. The design does not have technicality attached to it. The developer aims for people of all ages, young and old, tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy, to be able to find matches without assistance on use. On the go, users can access their profile to find matches with the app.


To enjoy more features on the Christian Mingle site, respond to messages, there is the need to upgrade to the premium plan. The pricing cost less. For a month package, the cost goes for just $49.99, while the three-month plan goes for a total of $104.97 and 6 months plan for a price of $149.94.

Free vs. Paid Access

There are many features to enjoy on this dating site/app, both free and paid.

Free vs. Paid Access christian mingle

Free features

Paid features

Sign up and registration

Sending and receiving messages with no restrictions

Profile creation

Hiding of profiles from other users

Searching for match

Hiding of online status

Profile likes

Anonymous browsing of profiles

Seeing who visits/likes your profile

Notification of seen messages

Christian Mingle Safety

On Christian Mingle, the privacy of users is well guaranteed and secured. It does not disclose confidential information of users. Email submitted by users is hidden. The security measure is very strict; users can do email verification before their account can be approved. With this, it becomes difficult for impersonators to get on the site. Peradventure, an impersonator, is found; the site allows users to report such profile and get it blocked immediately.

What People Say about Christian Mingle?

There is a mixed opinion on the use of Christian Mingles from users who have used the site/app to find a suitable match. Many users have commented on not finding a partner despite being on the platform for weeks and months. Though, few users found a match that led to marriage.

Final Verdict

In meeting with fellow singles that share the same faith and belief to date for a serious relationship that will lead to a blissful union, the site is a nice place to meet. Though the site looks less complex and complicated, its aim is very precise. It allows Christian men and women to find each other without stress.


Does Christian Mingle do profile validation and background checks?

In a way, there is profile validation being carried out through the email verification process before creating the account. There is no precise method to do a background check on profiles except other users report it.

How do I chat on Christian Mingle?

Chatting on Christian Mingle is straightforward. After profile creation after signup, browse through the number of users online. Once it matches with your preference, send a wink, attraction/love emoji, or direct message to get their attention to start chatting.

Does Christian Mingle offer refunds for cancellation?

Christian Mingle does not offer a total refund after the cancellation of the subscription. But, if the customer support is informed about it and there is a genuine reason to do such, there may be a partial refund.

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